Walking, rambling, hiking, trekking, mountaineering or whatever you want to call it is for me the simplest and purest way to experience a landscape. Walking on roads, bridleways, footpaths, national trails and across open moorland is liberating for sure. But I also really enjoy driving and cycling. I don’t really like walking anywhere that it would be quicker to just ride a bike.  Walking is best for me when I get the feeling that a place I am in is only accessible on foot. The only way I, or anyone could enjoy that particular environment is through the simple power of their own legs. Well done if you can afford a helicopter, but I can’t.

Whether we walk for 24 hours solid or a few hours, in just a pair of shorts and sandals or with enough equipment and food for a week, the sensation is similar. If you had to walk in, you’ve got to walk out.

Snowdon, Summer 2005 – Fast and light

Hadrian’s Wall, circa 2006 – A Career Ender

Welsh 3000s, August 2011 – A two day attempt and being scared

Wales, February 2014 – First proper winter mountain walking trip

Wales, June 2015 Black Mountains

Norway August 2015, Part 0, Part 1, Part 2Part 3

Bob Graham August 2015, Bob Graham round for beginners

Chrome Hill August 2015, A Mini Mountain in the Peak District

Flamborough Head September 2015, although this is technically a run

Wales, November 2015 Arenig Fawr

Peak District, Christmas 2015 She’s got a new coat

Wales, May 2016  – Part 4 – 15 Peaks Welsh 3000s – No Messing

Wales, June 2016 – Part 5 – The V3K – My first ultra-marathon


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