Run-touring the Cleveland Way, in the rain.

[6 minutes read time] Teaching is a very rewarding profession. The main reward is August. In my five week break of 2016, I’d squeezed in a cycling tour of Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, a climbing trip in North Wales, a week in the French and Italian Alps, and a week climbing and Munroe bagging in Scotland. I had just three days left before term recommenced and felt determined to squeeze something into the final weekend and it wasn’t going to be the ironing. It was decided that I’d embark on a new kind of tour. One that involved running.

I’d already done plenty of tours by either walking or cycling, but never running. The key was keeping the weight down, so we’d not be camping. I had already done a section of the Cleveland way from Helmsley to White Horse Bank so we agreed that car park atop Sutton Bank would be the meeting place. Friday night, from Nottingham, I was there in two hours, I ate a poor egg sandwich from the visitor’s centre and swallowed it just in time to

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