Norway – ‘Norwegian Kilometers’ Part 2

The joy of camping is most strongly felt between the moment of first unzipping your tent and finally finishing your morning urination session. In that time everything really sinks in. The sleepiness and irritation at having been a little bit uncomfortable and frankly nervous about the howling wind starts to wear off. You have been …

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Norway – “It’s nice here mate” – Part 1

A nice early train to Manchester Airport. I preferred to snooze rather than start the ball rolling on my book. The last Hemingway I read had nearly consumed the whole holiday. Norwegian is a fantastic airline. The seats are more spacious, the boarding relaxed and I got my first glace at the Norwegian populace. They …

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Packing for Norway – “How many calories in that mate?” – Part 0

Norway has always fascinated me. It might have originated whilst learning about Vikings in my primary school classroom. I daydreamed of coarse barbarians from the north, sailing recklessly across the unknown of the black Atlantic. From a quick glance on a relief map I was intrigued by vast areas of rocky wilderness and the icy, clear water …

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