The Scottish Highlands – Shafts of Sunlight and Blizzards

corran ferry

When you regularly ride your bike you get really good at gauging the temperature outside, making assessments as to your likely intensity, the wind conditions and evaluating your choice of clothing on yesterday’s ride. Over the years I have amassed a pretty comprehensive collection of clothing to cover all weather conditions and still, crucially, look Euro Pro. (I’ve since discovered a different, crazy-dutch-cyclo-tourist way of dressing but that is covered in another post). There is a way to layer up. There are ways not to layer up.

It’s always the same, after having had a few days off the bike the weather has changed, and despite standing in the garden in your underpants for a few seconds as part of your preparatory assessment, as soon as you reacquaint yourself with cycling, you inevitably either overheat or chill and shiver.

When going to the Highlands at the end of October, standard Autumn attire is just not going to cut it! I have since learned through many other trips to Scotland that for cycling purposes it’s always winter and in winter it is extra winter.

This trip was undertaken in in October half term 2012, when I was enthusiastic and naive and when my companion Rick was even more naive and even less enthusiastic. 
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Norway – “It’s nice here mate” – Part 1

A nice early train to Manchester Airport. I preferred to snooze rather than start the ball rolling on my book. The last Hemingway I read had nearly consumed the whole holiday. Norwegian is a fantastic airline. The seats are more spacious, the boarding relaxed and I got my first glace at the Norwegian populace. They look noticeably healthier than the last fuselage sample I took – a Ryan Air flight Continue reading “Norway – “It’s nice here mate” – Part 1″