Part 3 – Snow in Snowdonia – What not to pack on a winter walk

You’ve probably all seen those photos with a silhouetted figure looking out across some high alpine ridge, snow everywhere and a slogan about ambition or achievement or standing tall or that you should ‘go to your dream’. I get the impression that rather than actually wishing to climb mountains in the winter, most of the people sharing these photos actually ‘dream’ of a couple of weeks on the Costa Del Sol and free chips on the flight out. Don’t get me wrong, I love free chips as much as the next guy, but I like to think of climbing mountains not as symbols for something difficult or inspiring,  but as a good way for just about anyone to spend their weekends.

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Hadrian’s Wall – Can it be done in two days?

Twenty years old or near enough. The last driving test and first trip was a distant memory. Those were the days of challenges. Those were the days when we heard of a challenge and then completed it the next weekend. Those were the days when we walked up mountains without maps in holey Dunlops and denim shorts. Snowdon was easy – we did it quicker than those scout geeks in their gore-tex. Wikipedia said that the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge had a 12 hour time limit – nine hours and that’s on the back of a heavy night out in town and a city kebab for breakfast.  National Three Peaks – done, in a Peugeot 205 and back in time for Sunday Lunch with the aunt. Cycling, running, camping – it was all too easy. Now we were serious, hardened. Seasoned veterans. Time for a proper challenge.
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