Cycling started out as a way to get around. I enjoyed it more and more and began to see how far I could go, and what it would feel like to go further than before. Then it became about seeing the country. Then it became about competing with mates. Then it was about the bikes, maintaining and eventually building bikes. Then it turned into a sport and I joined a club. Then distances I thought were unthinkable were just a morning’s easy ride. Then it became about touring long distances. Then it became competitive. Then it became about training and racing. Then it became about style.

I love cycling on rusty mountain bikes to go fishing, racing vintage time trial bikes, going on tandem pub crawls, training on carbon fiber in Spanish mountains and touring on classic steel road bikes in wild and remote places in the rain. I don’t like exercise bikes.

November 2015 100 climbs – Wales Edition

October 2015 Monsall Head Hill Climb

August 2015 Ireland by Tent and Bicycle

October 2012 Scottish Highlands

Ongoing – The Cyclist’s Pilgrimage

Somebody else writing about a thingwhatihavedone – Racing Cyclocross on the cheap. 


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