DSC_2212The joy of camping is most strongly felt between the moment of first unzipping your tent and finally finishing your morning urination session. In that time everything really sinks in. The sleepiness and irritation at having been a little bit uncomfortable and frankly nervous about the howling wind starts to wear off. You have been holding out against the call of nature due to the hassle it causes. By the time the steaming urine has warmed up the blades of grass, the sun has had time to warm your back and your blinking eyes have had time to take in the full three hundred and sixty degree view. The air is somehow emptier than before and the shadows that shrouded your view, closing up the landscape have all been banished and an open, inviting space surrounds you. In the night you felt isolated, in the morning you feel liberated. No time has been lost in this day. You begin the day exactly where you always intended to be. Not in the car, station or nearby campsite but where you wanted to be when you set off from home – wherever that may be.

Black Mountains June 2015

Ireland August 2015

Norway August 2015

Beeley Moor July 2015


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