I cannot reasonably spend my entire life having the kind of fun that this blog is all about. In between adventures I have to do all sort of mundane things like wash my clothes, pick up the mud that I just dropped all over the the carpet, and go to work. Although I’d love to spend every waking hour actually living the sort of things I blog about, I also need to spend some weekends doing normal things. By writing a blog I can feel like I am once again atop a windswept mountain whilst I’m drinking some wine on the sofa and trying to block out the Americans shouting at each other on the TV.

Being a very egocentric person, a couple of distracted comments from my girlfriend after skim reading my first entry were sufficient to make me feel I was Hemingway reincarnated.

This blog is more or less what it says on the tin. It is a collection of over the top writing and photographs taken with my phone where the subject is things that I have done. Some of them involve cycling, some climbing mountains, some sleeping in pretty daft places and there are even stories about ending up in a woodland rave.

Although I cannot guarantee its effectiveness, I can only assure you that my intention is to spread my enthusiasm for going outside and having fun.

This is where the fundamental part comes in.

I am not skilled, fit, strong or rich. My dad was not the first person to climb the north face of the (insert incredibly intimidating name) mountain. I am not one of those guys who has a screw loose and would rather be hiding from a hungry polar bear than sitting at home with a beer. I have a very normal job and a lovely girlfriend who is very supportive but likes to actually spend time with me like normal people do. I still haven’t cleared my student overdraft and still count the pennies on every trip I take. My entries include not only locations, links to follow and advice but also the true cost incurred to me.

What I’m saying is that you, reading this, can go and do the thingswhatihavedone.

Nothing would make me happier than helping someone else to have the fun that I have had. If you are also a pretty normal person and would like to do something a little bit different then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

me chilling