Chrome Hill – A Mini Mountain

Most walks start with furniture rearranging to accommodate the impossibly endless creases and folds of an unleashed OS map. On hands and knees I smooth the paper under my palms, looking for an uninterrupted tour along established rights of way. The ideal route would

weave its way across contour lines, cross rivers and summit hills but also avoid the bailing twined, rusted gateways of dog guarded farmyards and the ankle pounding effect of tarmaced road.


One of these map centered, living room floor based, imagination festivals did not play a part in this short walk. A recommendation in the school playground led me to Crowdicote in the Peak District. Having retrieved this tip from my memory bank, I called a mate with a free afternoon and just over an hour later we parked up in the pub car park guilt free – we’d be enjoying the beer later on.

We have relatively recently been granted access to Chrome hill so no footpaths across its sawtooth edge are shown on the map. It makes for a fantastic walk. It’s short and contains a miniaturised version of all the elements of a great day out. Steep sections, hands on if you want it and a full three sixty view. I’d really recommend it for well behaved children. Maybe don’t take children who don’t listen to you – there are a few steep drops.

DSC_2311  DSC_2323DSC_2316DSC_2313 DSC_2326DSC_2330DSC_2319   DSC_2327

The view from Chrome Hill towards Parkhouse Hill



Cost in petrol from Nottingham to Crowdicote return £15 approx.

Beer in the pub £3.10 per pint. And it’s really good beer too.

Specialist equipment required – A jumper and some old trainers.

The screenshot with the map is using an app called TrigpointingUK – available on Android. It provides streamed access to OS Landranger and Explorer maps for free. I’ve got it on my phone and super cheap Tesco tablet. It’s so, so good.



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